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Tools to Protect Your Children from Internet Dangers

We recently covered a number of things you can do to protect your children from sexual solicitation online.

In this article, we’ll tell you about tools that you can use to further protect them by truly limiting access via your ISP and one of our favorite child-safe devices on the market today.

IPS Parental Controls

Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) including Xfinity, Cox, Charter / Spectrum and a wide range of other ISPs offer parental controls that are free to use. Check with your service provider on what they offer for free, or you can purchase any number of software packages with parental control features to suit your needs.

Our Favorite Device

Circle with Disney is the most ingenious device on the market today. It works on your home network, wired or wireless, and allows you to manage EVERY connected device with an app on your mobile phone.

You can use it to control internet access and restrictions for every device on your network and set different permission levels and usage for each of those devices. Using the Disney Circle app (iOS and Android) you can set rules for each device – not by the user.

Let’s say little Johnny or Sue has a personal or school-issued laptop. You can set up restrictions on those devices that will only allow them to do homework-related activities while putting their ‘free-time’ restrictions on the computer you’ve set up in the main area of your home.

You can also set up restrictions on little Johnny and Sue’s mobile device! Now that is genius! You can pick up their first generation devices for around $20 while the latest version Disney Circle Home Plus will run you about $130.

Other Safety Measures to Implement

If you don’t have a few bucks to spend on parental control software or the Disney Circle Home Plus, there are free things you can do to protect your children on mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

In our article, Setting Up a Smart Device for Your Child we show you how to limit YouTube content, internet content, In-App purchases, and implement Guided Access features for tablets and smartphones.

Grace Wells

Grace Wells grew up in the kind of town where no one locked their doors and parents felt safe letting their kids wander. Things have changed a lot since then. As a mother today, Grace has to worry about so much more than skinned knees and hurt feelings.

Grace believes the best way to keep kids safe is to stay informed. She hopes that her work at Kids Safety 101 makes a difference in children’s lives so that they can grow up as carefree as she did.

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