Kids Safety 101

Setting Up a Smart Device for Your Child

Many children are given or allowed access to smartphones and tablets. There are security features you should set up on every device your child uses. If you do not want to enable these things, they should not be given access to them without you present.


To enable YouTube security, simply go into the YouTube settings and find the safe search filtering option. Be sure that is checked and then check the Strict option. This will block them from inadvertently or purposefully viewing unsafe material.


You can set up multiple different restrictions on Safari based on your child’s age. Go to the Safari settings, then General and then Restrictions. From there, you can choose what you would like to allow and what you do not want them to have access to.

If you do not want them to be able to search anything at all on the device’s browser, you can control this through the Allowed Content section. This will allow you to pull up websites you want them without them wandering to another site.

In-App Purchases

Be sure you turn off all in-app purchases. This not only protects them from buying age-restricted add-ons within apps but can also protect your bank account! I had a friend whose teen child decided to buy just about every addon they could for a game racking up a bill of over $3,000.00 before my friend knew about it!

Guided Access

This is a handy feature that most parents do not know about it. It gives them access to only one app on the device and keeps them from opening other apps. To turn this feature on, go to Settings, General, Restrictions. Once there, scroll down to Learning then navigated to Accessibility then Guided Access. Turn this on.

Once on, you can even set time restrictions and limits. When you give the device to your child you can activate by opening the app they are going to use and triple-click the home button on your device. Click Start to activate the guided access.

This feature also allows you to restrict certain areas of an app, even if the app does not have that particular feature. Simply circle the areas you do not want them to use and click Restrict. This feature will not limit your ability to use your device at all – it just makes it easy to keep your child within one app at a time without giving them access to everything on your device!

Johnny Priest