Kids Safety 101

Setting Up a Safety Net for Children

We are in a crazy world now, almost everything is different. Wear a mask when you go out, no playdates, can’t play sports and now school is done online!

Many need that safety net of school for different reasons, sometimes it is as basic as eating. Many families during this trying time have received stimulus checks which includes additional monies for their children which helped see to their needs.

Before schools ended for the summer, they were providing breakfast and lunch for school children. Sometimes school busses dropped off the meals, other schools had parents pick the meals up.

An additional safety net was zoom classes, the children got to have show and tell and interact in many ways with each other and their teachers, kids still got that socialization and children who are at high risk for abuse could be checked on by trained professionals who know what signs to look for.

With luck we will be back to our old normal at some point, then our children will get to go to school, play baseball, and they will not need these extra stimulus checks.

Mary Newman