Kids Safety 101

Services to Keep Your Baby Safe

Congratulations! You’re a new parent, so what now? Well, there are several businesses that can help you keep your little one safe.

Baby proofing is a big business and they think of things that are a potential danger you never ever imagined. There are those who do the baby proofing for you and those that come in and consult with you letting you know what needs to be done.

Have a pool? You can have a childproof fence put around your pool that even has alarms to let you know if it has been breached by your Houdini kid.

Organic baby food you can purchase at the store, but you can also hire a chef to make it or you can have someone come into your home and teach you the what and how’s of it.

If you need someone to trust to take care of the little one, hire one of the many domestic agencies that will do background and drug testing as well as check out references. Please don’t hire your au pair, nanny, or baby sitter from a job board.

Mary Newman