Kids Safety 101

Top Safety Products for the Most Curious Children and Babies

Keeping your child safe isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there are many products on the market to help you do just that. The fact is, you won’t have an eye on your child every second of every day – especially in your own home.

Here are some mom-recommended safety products worth every penny of your investment!

Cabinet Latches

Kids are curious. They love opening things and exploring anything they can reach and even anything they can’t without climbing up on something. Cabinet latches are extremely important as they keep your children safe from multiple different hazards ranging from harmful chemicals, medications, and objects falling on them.

Furniture Wall Straps

Even if your child can’t walk yet, furniture straps for dressers, armoires, bookcases and any other tippable furniture are necessary. They are very inexpensive and can keep things from tipping over on your child. Even crawling babies like to try to pull themselves up on things and this can quickly lead to a severe accidental injury or worse.

Portable Play Yard

As a mom, having one of these saved my sanity on more than one occasion! They allow you to keep your child to a much more confined space which allows you to keep a better eye on them even when you are busy. I often used my portable play yard in the dining area which I could see from the kitchen.

Trying to cook dinner and keep an eye on my little one seemed next to impossible until I invested in one. This also gave me the peace of mind that my son wouldn’t sneak in around my oven or stovetop while they were hot. Look for portable ones that are easy to assemble (or simply ‘pop-up’), lightweight and will fit in your vehicle.

They are even more handy to have when visiting friends or family that won’t necessarily have a child-proof home.

Outlet Covers

Aside from crawling up on things and opening things, curious toddlers also like to stick things in places. Putting the wrong thing into an outlet can lead to death. Although they make cheap, very standard outlet covers, I’d invest in some a little more child-proof than the kinds that simply stick into the outlet prongs and have a face on them.

Safety first makes deluxe outlet covers that are harder to remove, but much safer. If the ones you choose are easy to remove, your child will likely be able to remove them as well. You pick up a set of 32 deluxe covers for right around $16.00.