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Recent Gun Violence Leads Alabama Mothers to Speak Up

Last week, a group called “Mothers Against Gun Violence” gathered city officials and fellow concerned community members to talk about a recent surge in gun violence in their city of Dothan, Alabama.

News Break reports that in the past couple of weeks, double murders happened in the city on Galaxie Drive and Lena Street. This prompted Mothers Against Gun Violence to take even further action against this tragic problem.

City officials, community come together 

Mothers Against Gun Violence aimed for the rally to send a message to both community members and city officials: We all must work together to end gun violence.

Multiple Dothan city officials attended the event. These include:

  • Dothan Police Chief Steve Parrish
  • Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba
  • Dothan City School Board Chairman Mike Schmitz

Speakers included mothers whose children died by gunfire

One of the speakers at the event was Tyeesha Martin, whose teenage son was killed in a shooting in May of 2017, the Dothan Eagle’s Jay Hare reports.

“Today we are here to come together and speak to the children,” Martin said in her speech. “We want the children to know we are tired of the gun violence. Kids are shooting kids. Kids are shooting houses, and people are being killed. We have multiple mothers here today who have lost a child to gun violence.”

Tyeesha Martin’s sentiments echoed those of many mothers across the country.

She continued, “I have lost a child to gun violence and every day is a struggle. Having a gun and shooting someone with a gun is not cool. Take it from me, the last thing you ever want to do is have your mother stand over your body trying to decide what kind of casket she needs to pick out for you. Put the guns down and stop killing each other.”

‘Children do not need to be out on the streets with guns’

Mazue Martin, another community member, suggested solutions. “We need the city officials’ assistance with this issue,” she said. “Maybe we can look into buying back the guns or finding a safe indoor area for the children to gather to play ball. A place they can go and be safe. Children do not need to be out on the streets with guns.”

She also said that it will take everyone working together to end gun violence.

“Our children are out of control and something needs to be done,” she said. “Children need to realize if you pull a trigger that bullet will not turn around. Look at these mothers here today. They are dealing with the pain of losing a child because of gun violence. Put the guns down.”

Another mother spoke about her own teenage son, but he wasn’t murdered in an intentional shooting – her child was playing around with a gun when he accidentally shot and killed himself. Essentially, Mothers Against Gun Violence are trying to get to the root of the problem: The guns, not simply the people holding them.

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