Kids Safety 101

Proper Pool Safety for Children

Before visiting the pool this summer, be sure to go over these simple rules with your children to prevent any kind of accidents.

Educate your child on swimming safely by enrolling them and swimming lessons.  Let them learn how to properly swim and float.

While your child is taking swimming lessons, you should also take a class on learning CPR in case anything happens. It’s important to know this technique because not only are you caring for your own child you are also looking out for others if anything were to happen if you were around.

When you take your children to the pool, be sure to actively supervise them especially around big open bodies of water.  You want to give your children your undivided attention at all times.

Teach your kids to walk slowly when they are at the pool. Running can cause accidents. You should also teach them to stay away from drains, especially if they are younger.

If you have a pool at home, you should install proper barriers and alarms around your pool. This will help you supervise your kids if you are not around at the moment. Teaching your kid proper pool etiquette can prevent many accidents.

Mary Newman