Kids Safety 101

Prevent Hacking on Your Child’s Devices

When it comes to hacking on the Internet or on the phone, it can be extremely scary. Especially if it happens to children of your own. But by taking these precautions you can prevent any kind of hacking on your kid’s account no matter what device they are on.

A great way to prevent hacking is to use parental controls on the device. A lot of devices have a tab in settings that are specifically made for parents. This tab allows you to lock certain parts of the device so the kid does not have access to it.

For example, on an iPhone you can lock your kids from downloading apps. A lot of hacking happens when kids download random apps without really knowing exactly how they work, so one way to prevent this is to block this feature off on their device.

Another way you can prevent hacking from your kid’s account is to use your own email instead of creating one for your child. Instead share an email that is specifically for you and your child, then if they get any kind of malicious emails it goes directly to you.

Mary Newman