Kids Safety 101

Pools Closed for 2020 Due to Pandemic. What Can I Do Now?

This summer you may not see people crowded around the pools and laying out under the sun because of the pandemic that is currently going on around the world.  Due to an unproductive stay-at-home order within our country, rates are getting worse every single day. It is best to cancel all the types of public interaction and events for the summer of 2020.

If your kids are upset about the school being closed this summer there are other ways you can let them enjoy themselves by the water.

You could invest in waterslides. Waterslides are extremely fun for younger children, and are cheap and easy to set up. Water slides can range anywhere from $30 up to $400 it just depends on what kind of water slide you get.

One of the most common water slides is the basic slip and slide ones that you hook up to a hose you roll out and you run and slide down. But there are more advanced water slides, for example, there are inflatable slide bouncer water slides that are very similar to a bouncy house except you fill it with toys and water.

COVID-19 is keeping a lot of us in the house. It is okay to set some things up in your own backyard and have some fun at home. Stay home and be safe.

Mary Newman