Kids Safety 101

NYC’s Rising Gun Violence Is Tragically Affecting Kids the Most

There has been a recent spike in gun violence in New York City. What’s worse, the gun violence is affecting children and teens the most. Kids in their early 20s are also being shot at an alarming rate.

New York City’s rising gun violence by the numbers

From January 1 to July 12, according to NBC New York, 53 children were shot. Last year during the same period, 37 children were shot.

As for victims age 18-24, there were 125 from January 1 to July 12 of 2019. This year, there have been 215.

And for victims age 25-30? 123 during that period last year, and 223 this year. Adults from 31-40 saw 97 victims last year, 125 this year.

Adults 41-59 also had 67 victims in their age group in the first half of last year who were killed by gun violence. This year, there were 91.

For adults 60 and older, it was 7 last year, 10 this year.

18 Died in 24 Hours, including 1-year-old boy

According to Marc Santia, “In a 24-hour period on Monday, 18 people were wounded in 14 shootings across New York City. The violence came less than 24 hours after another shooting in Brooklyn that claimed the life of a 1-year-old boy and left three others injured. Mayor Bill de Blasio decried the recent violence in his daily briefing Tuesday, expressing deep condolences particularly for the family of the 1-year-old.”

De Blasio said, “To wake up this morning and learn that a 1-year-old child was killed on the streets of our city by gunfire is so painful. It’s not something we can ever look away from.”

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton also appeared on MSNBC Monday morning, saying, “So much of what we depended on to deal with the crime virus has been taken away…the key to crime control is the idea of dealing with the prevention focused on crime and disorder. We have basically given up on disorder in terms of enforcing socialΒ  norms of behavior on our streets.”

He continued, “We’re in an Etch-a-Sketch moment. The last 30 years of crime reduction, things that worked, we’re getting rid of them and now we’re going to try to reinvent many of the things that we already know worked while we try to correct those that we know did not work.”

Folks in New York should take extra precautions to make sure they, their families and their children are safe from gun violence.

Katy Holloway