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Neighbors Try and Fail to Save 7-Year-Old Boy From Shooting

A 7-year-old boy from Fort Lauderdale, FL died earlier this month from a gunshot wound to the head, reports Eileen Kelley at the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Though this happened on July 2, authorities are revealing suspiciously little. We know that his name was Breyson Plummer. We know he was alone in a room with a 5-year-old and an 11-year-old at the time of the shooting.

Additionally, we know that several neighbors had made dozens of 911 calls in recent weeks to report that Breyson’s home seemed unsafe. There were reports about gigantic parties in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, cars pulling up to the house all night, possibly to buy drugs, several unsupervised children, and sounds of gunshots inside and outside the house.

Neighbors knew something was wrong – why didn’t investigators push for answers?

Police records detail the concerns neighbors had when calling in about Breyson’s home.

On May 6, Breyson’s elderly neighbor called 911 to report that cars were pulling up to Breyson’s home all night long. Then, on May 7, two separate calls came in about the same issue. On that day, the second caller even said they heard a gun go off in the home.

Another neighbor named Cal Miller said to the Sun Sentinel, “I don’t care what the adults do but if there are children that are there and somebody needs to be protecting them. You cannot have kids in the yard with guns going off.”

Later, in June, neighbors put in a total of 26 phone calls in one day. The calls regarded a party happening at Breyson’s house that was so large, it blocked cars from getting through the road.

Miller also said that there was a party in March, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. He said there were around 80-100 people in attendance.

A child protective worker and a police officer investigated the home on May 8. This came a day after Miller had called about a gunshot at the house that he heard on his Ring doorbell app. The child protective worker and the police officer were told that no children lived in the house.

Officials could have stopped this months ago

The story only gets sadder.

About a year ago in July 2019, a neighbor called police to report that about 12 unsupervised children seemed to be living in the home.

Just like they did last month, a child protective worker and a police officer went to check things out. Apparently, Breyson’s mom told them Breyson lived there with her family.

The officials reportedly determined that the house was big enough for the family and wasn’t unsafe for the kids.

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