Kids Safety 101

Makeup Sets Safe For Children?

Kids are always finding themselves in things they have no business being in. They can also be found playing in makeup, whether it be on their face or on the walls.

As times are changing, is makeup becoming safer to let children use?

Skin and Beauty

Makeup is one of the items kids play with the most. Sometimes it can be misunderstood as crayons and drawn on the wall.

Although makeup can be fun for children, there are also safety hazards. The powder in makeup can get into their lungs and can cause damage.

Illnesses caused by makeup inhalation are few, but testing has been done to reduce any potential threats to children.

There are multiple safe makeup kits that are affordable and are easy to purchase at any beauty supply store. In fact, there are organic makeup sets, which have been categorized as cruelty-free.

Cruelty-free cosmetics is one of the lastest trends to hit the scene. Instead of the makeup being tested on animals, they are tested a safer way before hitting the shelves.

Junna Resuma