Kids Safety 101

Keeping Your Children Safe During Bullying

May 7, 2018, President Trump’s wife and our First Lady Melania Trump announced her BE BEST campaign which was to bring a spotlight and solutions to the wellbeing of our children pertaining to cyberbullying and opioid drug use.

With the Pandemic, protesting, and the upcoming election, bullying has taken a backseat. So how do we keep our kids safe?

Once your child has a phone or a social media account, set up and keep boundaries. Make sure teens know what goes online stays online, this includes words as well as photos.

Encourage your child to tell an adult if they see cyberbullying occurring. If your child is harassed, keep all messages as proof, depending on the severity you may need to involve the school and or police.

Block the bully sending the messages. You may also need to get a new phone number or email, just make sure your child is very careful who the new information is given to. No one except a parent should know passwords. Lastly consider limiting the internet in kids’ bedrooms. Instead, have a shared space like the family room where they are able to gain access.

Mary Newman