Kids Safety 101

Keeping Your Child Safe and Happy at the Dentist!

A parent’s fear is witnessing their child being terrified and not being able to help them. Many children suffer from odontophobia. The anxiety the child suffers could be detrimental to oral health when it prevents them from receiving necessary dental care. It helps when the dentist works with the parents to avoid this from happening.

Give the child plenty of time to mentally process the information by telling them in advance of the visit. Let them express their fears with you and discuss it, answer questions with straightforwardness – however, leave the small details out, remind them they can also ask the dentist questions as well.

Make sure to let the dentist know of the child’s fear, ask for advice, and follow it.

As a calming distraction have your child’s favorite toy and play with them in the waiting room. Stay calm, as a soothing demeanor will help calm them. Use positive reinforcement with praise and compliments.

If your child’s still having difficulties try conscious sedation, this method allows the child to relax yet they are still able to respond to verbal and physical stimuli as well as breathe normally.

Mary Newman