Kids Safety 101

Fun in the Sun Child Safety Tips

Its summer! This summer kids are going to be around the house. No summer camps, sports camps, or going on vacation, so while they are having fun at home, here are a few tidbits on keeping them safe.

If your child is swimming, actively watch them. It only takes seconds to drown. Whether in or around the pool, supervise at all times and make sure you have the correct equipment to keep pools safe.

Cases of heat stroke spike in the summer and can be life-threatening to children. Kids often show symptoms like cramps or exhaustion. Make sure they are taking water breaks and wear lightweight clothing when playing outside.

Make sure your child’s car seat is properly fitted before heading out on that road trip. Never, ever leave your child unattended in the vehicle and establish a routine of checking the car before you lock it and walk away.

Bicycles are related to more childhood injuries than most other consumer products. Make sure they wear a helmet and that both bike and helmet fit properly.

Kids are prone to dehydration. Take half your child’s weight for ounces to drink daily.

Mary Newman