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Happy friends celebrating new year's eve with sparklers and champagne

Don’t Forget About Child Safety on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. It’s ranked the 3rd most dangerous holiday to be on the roads–but even if you’re not traveling with your kids, it can pose many other threats to their safety. Keep kids safe while ringing in the New Year with these helpful tips.

Dangerous Celebrations

Many people love to light the sky with fireworks to celebrate at the stroke of midnight. If you plan to end the New Year with a bang, do it safely. Only sober, responsible adults should handle fireworks, and children should be monitored at all times. Keep them a safe distance away from the area the fireworks are lit, and if you let them handle sparklers, be sure they are wearing the proper attire and have adult supervision.

Another popular (yet foolish) way to celebrate is by firing gunshots into the air. There is only one safety tip for this form of celebration, and it’s just not to do it. Don’t do it yourself, and do not allow party guests to do it while you or your children are anywhere in the vicinity.

If you are on the roads, you’ll need to be extra cautious of other drivers. It’s a very popular night to have a few drinks, and no matter how sober you are, there will be impaired drivers on the road. If you get out on the road this New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, especially with your children, don’t consume alcohol, always buckle up, and stay alert!

Hosting a Party

If you are hosting a party in your home and children are present, be sure to keep alcohol out of their reach. Monitor your home for unattended drinks, and advise party guests to not leave their drinks within reach of the kids. Keep all hot foods and liquids out of reach as well, and avoid serving foods common in child food allergies.

When hosting a party with kids, it is also your responsibility to ensure that you and your party guests do not become intoxicated. Don’t be afraid to call a ride for a guest that celebrates a little too much. Inebriated people can cause a number of safety hazards, and they should not be allowed around children.

Last but not least, ensure that there is at least one completely sober adult who can get behind the wheel in the event of an emergency. Follow these safety tips to have a safe and happy New Year’s.

Grace Wells

Grace Wells grew up in the kind of town where no one locked their doors and parents felt safe letting their kids wander. Things have changed a lot since then. As a mother today, Grace has to worry about so much more than skinned knees and hurt feelings.

Grace believes the best way to keep kids safe is to stay informed. She hopes that her work at Kids Safety 101 makes a difference in children’s lives so that they can grow up as carefree as she did.

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