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Back to School Bus Safety

Back to School Safety for Bus Riders

If your child is heading back into the classroom and will be riding the bus either part of the time, or all of the time, it’s important that you cover the bus safety rules with them. Especially for new bus riders, you’ll want to go over the roadside safety tips, and bus safety tips including entering and exiting the bus.

Waiting for the Bus and Boarding Safety

Be sure your child knows where the bus stop is located and the best route to get to the stop. If it is necessary for them to cross any roads to reach their stop, show them the best crossing place and point out all of the directions they should look before crossing. Children should wait for the bus at least six feet back from the road.

For smaller children, find a landmark or an object near the stop that they can use as a reference for where they should stand. Do not allow your children to rough house or chase other children around at the stop. When the bus approaches, they should wait at their designated area until the bus comes to a full stop.

All children at the stop should form a single line to enter the bus and should do so one at a time in an orderly fashion. Show them how to use the handrail and be sure they are using both straps of their backpack to avoid their bag getting caught which can cause them to fall.

Exiting the Bus

Be sure they know to wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before standing up from their seat. They should use the handrail when exiting the bus and ensure that the driver can see them at all times.

The driver will signal them when it is safe to cross. They should wait for the drivers signal before crossing the street which will not only ensure it is safe to cross, but that the driver knows exactly where they are at.

Children should always cross the road at the front of the bus and never go near the back wheels. Even after being signaled, teach them to look both ways before leaving the curb, and before crossing the centerline.

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Grace Wells

Grace Wells grew up in the kind of town where no one locked their doors and parents felt safe letting their kids wander. Things have changed a lot since then. As a mother today, Grace has to worry about so much more than skinned knees and hurt feelings.

Grace believes the best way to keep kids safe is to stay informed. She hopes that her work at Kids Safety 101 makes a difference in children’s lives so that they can grow up as carefree as she did.

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