Kids Safety 101
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Are You Putting Your Kids in Danger? 4 Overlooked Safety Hazards

Baby-proofing your home is a daunting task, but that doesn’t mean you should rush through it. Parents–especially first-timers–tend to overlook some serious safety hazards.

Recalled Furniture

Furniture gets recalled all the time over safety issues. IKEA has grappled with an ongoing problem with dressers that tip over. Kids love to climb, but unless these furniture pieces are bolted to the wall, they can easily fall over.

Incline sleepers, which were popular until recently, are being recalled in large numbers. You might find one of these for a bargain at a yard sale or swap. Before purchasing, it’s a smart idea to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission database to see if it was recalled.

Electrical Cords

You might not realize how many cords there are in your home until you see it through the eyes of your curious kid. A common hazard? The cord on your baby monitor. Make sure that you either get a wireless model or place the monitor so that your baby can’t possibly reach the cord. Then move it a little farther away.

Your charging cords are a hazard, too. Always unplug the cords and put them away in a drawer. These cords present strangulation hazards and the potential for electrocution. Lamps present another hazard in that kids can pull on the cords and pull the whole lamp down.

Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are another major hazard in your home. They present a couple of problems. First, small magnets represent a choking hazard. That’s especially true for magnets that are brightly colored and tempting to kids.

But if kids do swallow magnets, another serious hazard presents itself. Multiple magnets could stick together through the walls of the intestines. If you think your child might have swallowed magnets, it’s essential that you contact a doctor immediately.

Tablecloths and Curtains

Dangling a scrap of fabric in front of a curious toddler is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. They’re going to yank on the tablecloth. Anything on top of that tablecloth will come crashing down. The easy solution is to simply not use tablecloths. But what about curtains?

Drapery presents a similar hazard to children. They may grab or climb the fabric, potentially pulling down the entire panel and the rod it’s attached to. Tiebacks and the cords of blinds also present strangulation hazards. Keep these cords tied up far out of reach.

Erin Long