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2 Girls Died in a Hot Car After Mom Overdosed

Two young girls, four and two years old, tragically died when they suffered from heatstroke in a hot car.

Tragedy rocks Forney, Texas

Natalie Chambers was a 31-year-old woman from Forney, TX. Forney is in the Northeast part of the state, and it is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. MLB players Tex Erwin, Evan Gattis, and Josh Geer are from Forney, as well as NFL player Caleb Hanie.

It’s also the hometown of the infamous Stormy Daniels, who rocked the world with her tale of the time she had an affair with Donald Trump.

Now, Forney is in the headlines because of the brutal and tragic way these two young girls died.

Their names were Izabel (4) and Elise (2). They were heading to a playdate last Wednesday, but they never got there. That’s when worried family members reported Natalie and the girls missing.

Chambers suffered from addiction 

Chambers reportedly suffered in the past from drug and alcohol addiction.

“Natalie had struggled in the past but had gotten some help and was an amazing mom. Recently, during COVID she had become more depressed and had obviously relapsed,” a family member said to In Forney.

Sadly, authorities told the family that Chambers and the girls’ disappearance did not qualify for an Amber alert.

Doorbell camera footage shows Chambers and the girls leaving their home at about 8:06 a.m. to head to their playdate. That is the last footage of them alive.

Mother’s car found in parking lot

The tragic story ends in police finding Chambers’ car parked in a lot near a highway around 10 a.m. last Thursday morning. It was inside the car that they found all three dead.

“Upon contacting the occupants of the vehicle, the officers observed there were three occupants inside the vehicle and the tragic discovery was made that all three occupants of the vehicle were deceased,” Officer Steve Rutherford said during a press conference that afternoon.

It seems based on security footage that Chambers parked her car and turned it off shortly after 10 a.m. that morning. Temperatures rose to 93º F, and the girls were not able to leave the car.

A family member told In Forney, “We are all devastated that the girls had to witness such a tragedy and suffer themselves.”

A GoFundMe page has been created to help Natalie’s husband, Corey Chambers, pay for a funeral for his three girls.

It reads:

Natalie Chambers and her two beautiful daughters, 4-year-old Izabel, and 2-year-old Elise, were taken from this world far too soon. Their family is shattered after a desperate search for the girls on July 22 did not end the way we’d all prayed for.

Natalie loved her girls and her family more than anything.

We want to provide an opportunity for those that may want to contribute to the family, as this loss was so unexpected. Natalie’s husband Corey wants everyone to know how much their support, messages, or acts of kindness in his girls’ memory are appreciated.

Our friends, family, and community are mourning with this sweet family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for any contribution you can make.

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