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2 Children Killed, Hidden by Mother and Her New Husband

If you haven’t heard the developing story out of Boise, Idaho about Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell, it is another example of the importance of family and friends looking out for one another and their children.

In this tragic case, family and friends were highly concerned by the behavior of 46-year-old Vallow and her recent husband, 51-year-old Chad Daybell. If it weren’t for their help, investigators may have never found the victims.

Vallow’s 2 Children Went Missing in September

Tylee Ryan and Joshua “JJ” Vallow were last seen in September 2019.

Remains were found on Daybell’s property back in June. Investigators confirmed the remains were those of the missing children, according to Fremont County Prosecutor Rob Wood.

Couple Held Bizarre Beliefs

A main witness in the case goes by the name of Melanie Gibb. She has provided invaluable testimony about Vallow and Daybell, as they had bonded over religion. However, Gibb’s statements paint a picture of Vallow and Daybell that’s less “religion” and more “doomsday cult.”

Gibb says that Lori “believed the children had become zombies. Her belief was said to be that other spirits invaded the children’s bodies and displaced their original souls, which became trapped in ‘limbo.’ The only thing that could save the original spirit from limbo was to destroy the physical body,” according to Law & Crime.

Further, Daybell had once “graded” the spirits of Lori’s living family members in emails from 2018 that were obtained by Fox 10 Phoenix.

Daybell is also the author of numerous books that discussed end times. In one of his books, “The Great Gathering,” Daybell predicted that the world’s end would come July 23, 2020. He even said it would be marked by two big earthquakes that would hit the Wasatch Front in north-central Utah.

Vallow Asked Her Friend to Lie About Dead Child’s Whereabouts

More recently, a recording of a phone call between Vallow, Daybell, and Gibb from December 8, 2019, confirmed the couple’s belief that something was wrong with Vallow’s children.

In the phone call, Gibb expresses concern about the missing children. She asks where JJ is. Lori tells her, “I know exactly where he is, he’s perfectly fine.”

However, Vallow also asks Gibb to tell anyone asking that she has JJ. Gibb lives in Arizona, and Vallow asked her to say that that’s where he is. Unsurprisingly, Gibb felt suspicious.

“It doesn’t feel right. I don’t have peace about it,” Gibb tells the couple. “I never have felt 100% peace about it. I’ve always felt a little weird in my stomach about these things.”

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